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I can count on my fingertips the number of restaurants in the Bahama out-islands that I would travel to just for the day so as to keep a lunch reservation. Before you consider such a notion a ridiculous one, do consider this: traveling to any out-islands from the capital, New Providence, requires little more than an hour flight time, if that, whether flying North or South, East or West. Sixty minutes, far less time than the average American spends in their car per day. Most recently the restaurant to top such a list has been edited to include Flying Fish Modern Seafood on Grand Bahama island. Considered one of the most anticipated experiences of 2014, a few weekends ago, on a Saturday, we did just that, flew to Freeport, Grand Bahama to have lunch. Not just any lunch however, but one that began with calamari in brown butter powder aside kalamata “olives”, a plate on which chemistry and food intersect, and ended with learning how Chef Tim Tibbitts and his wife Rebecca put their philosophy in to motion each and every day. A philosophy that is as noteworthy as the food is complex, deeming his an Island Connoisseur in every way.


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Freeport’s most fantastic fine dining venue, Flying Fish ticks all the boxes. Serving food nearly all day – from brunch to evening happy hour and beyond – the creative cuisine served here is based on local seafood and traditional Bahamian ingredients. Set on the waterfront, the restaurant has a swanky feel and prides itself on sophisticated service. Choose from the a la carte or set menus and enjoy one of the best upscale dining experiences on the islands.

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It might seem like a cliché to say Flying Fish represents gourmet dining at its finest, but it’s the absolute truth. It’s miles above the other fine dining establishments in the area, so you’ll find the high prices are absolutely worth it.

The servers were incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and so attentive. This was only added to by the presence of the owners, who came out to every table to chat with the diners and answer questions. It seemed as if the entire restaurant staff was there to take care of us!

My mouth was watering just from reading the menu, but when the food showed up I was absolutely stunned. It was imaginative, artfully presented and insanely delicious! I highly recommend the lion fish and the sea bass. Be sure to save room for their enchanting desserts!

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You'll find an eclectic collection of seafood and Bahamian favorites, made with local ingredients and done with a gourmet and artistic twist, at Flying Fish, which opened in February 2012. The owners are local couple Tim and Rebecca Tibbits—Tim being the genius behind the food, Rebecca the genius behind the wine. Ask Rebecca for a pairing, and she will find something to both delight and surprise you (sake or tequila may be her choice). The restaurant is on the canal front and has an ambience that is both romantic and contemporary. But don't let all the gourmet talk fool you; it's the pub grub that attracts regulars. Sit outside on the patio or on the floating dock and choose from the bar menu that includes Chef Tim's own homemade bacon served on the BLT paired with shoestring fries. Fresh oysters are featured every Wednesday night, and Bloody Marys rock the weekend brunch. Weekly culinary classes also wow diners.